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Features of Round Machine

  • You can preselect records, so you create the tip before you start it
  • You can enter a number indicating how good a record is
  • An automatic log indicates the time you used a certain record for this group
  • You can easily find out which record was the “second record of the 3rd tip”
  • You can sort by “seldom used” / “often used”
  • Alphabetical order and search or random display
  • Cue sheets can be handled in [nearly] every file format
  • You can enter comments for every song (“slow down” / “difficult” ...)
  • You can create your own categories
  • You can search records by title
  • You can hide records recently used (in this group)
  • You can define parts of records and play them automatically
  • Parts may overlap (Intro, A, B, A+B, Intro+A+B, ...)
  • For teaching purposes on big floors play can be delayed for x seconds

For experienced cuers there is a possibility to ask the other cuers(s) to select records they know before the dance starts. This makes it easy to answer questions like “which records do we both / all know”.


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