The CDs Joachim created are a bit different from what you might expect immediately:

They are no dance CDs, but spoken CDs with no music. They are not danceable since they contain the calls of a selected program in a random order, only.

Each unit contains 2 CDs. The structure of the 1. CD is:

  • Jingle with name of program
  • Call 1
  • Pause, so you can remember or talk about the definition
  • Call 1 followed by the spoken definition
  • Next Call
  • ...
  • Jingle with name of program

The structure of CD 2 is similar but does not contain definitions. Therefore this is a fast way for people if their knowledge is above 90% of what they want to learn.
Each call is on a track on it’s own (see exceptions below), so they can be played as required or randomly.


The purpose of these CDs is to “load the calls into memory”. Joachim uses these CDs himself while driving to a dance. After listening a while he knows that he has thought about all the calls of this program, so the chances to be surprized about a call “never heard before?!” are much smaller.

The current CDs are the fourth generation. They are up-to-date and have longer brakes between the calls than the first one.

Caused by the specifications of a music CD no more than 99 tracks are possible. Because the C programs have more than 99 different definitions some tracks contain more than 1 definition.

Dance Programs

Double-CDs are available:

  • MS / MS with definitions
  • Plus / Plus with definitions
  • A1 / A1 with definitions
  • A2 / A2 with definitions
  • C1 / C1 with definitions
  • C2 / C2 with definitions
  • C3a / C3a with definitions
  • C3b / C3b with definitions

Double-CDs are € 15 plus package / postage for Europe.


The newest CDs contain the training material as MP3 files.

The benefits are:

  • Each call has it's own file
  • Each track has a name indicating which call is defined
  • Additional to the two parts described above a learning part is put on these CDs

Each MP3-CD contains the definitions of 2 Square Dance Programs:

  • MS / Plus
  • A1 / A2
  • C1 / C2
  • C3a / C3b

MP3-CDs are € 30 plus package / postage for Europe.

So please mention the format (Music / MP3) when ordering training material.

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