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MP3 and the freedom of Calling: Square Machine
In the past calling was done with records, yesterday with minidisks, today with MP3

It is fairly easy to get the music on a notebook. Now it is interesting to manage and control the records, so even with a bigger number of records you allways have an overview, and after the start o a tip you as a caller don’t have to think about the records anymore.

This goal is reached by this program created by Joachim. He uses it himself for years now and continously developes it even further. The picture shows the main menu where you can sort and filter the records according to different criterias. Both a singin and a patter record can be preselected before the tip starts. You choose the length of the patter record, the “needle reset” is done automatically. After the preselected time the patter record stops automatically, if you don’t say you want / need some extra time.

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